Odeesituu Baraa

Irri kee midhaaga

Keessi kee waan biraa

Isa hundaan firaa

Yaa dubbi micciiraa

Yeroo ammaa kana odeessitun lakkoofsan heddumaata jirti. Namni Kijibu duraan nama hundaan jibbama amma garuu martuu akka waan kijiba aada godhatee namatti fakkaata. Dubbiin tun akkam jechuun hafe jira waan dhagahee ykn “online” tti arge hafarsuu malee dursa addaan baafachuuf yeroo hin qabu. Nama akkana waa lama dhoorgu tti jiran warri beeka kaayyoo ofiitif itti fayyadaman. Waan inni jaalatu tuqanii gammachiisu ykn waan inni jibbuu dubbatanii mufachiisu. Duula waa addaan baafadha eegala namoota akkana gorsaa jenna.  Yoomillee dhugaaf dhaabbanna! Natu beekan nun baasu hayyuu keenna dhageefanna. Kan hin beekne gorfanna. Toltuu waliif yaada tokkummatti wal waama. Meeshaan diinni keenna har’dhaa fi kaleessaa inni humna hin qabne humna godhatee ittiin nu fixutti jiru. Kan beeka nu miidhan muraasa fi kan waa addaan baafachuuf dadhabaa hedduu tahuu hin dagatina!

Gareen dhiisa gara waan nu fayyadu woyitti goraa waanuma kamuu keessatti.



Published by MTJara

Passionate Newbie Blogger from Eddo, Dodola, West Arsi, Oromia, Ethiopia

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